My last weekend trip in New Zealand!! Crazy? Definitely. It makes Dunedin kinda a special place to me as this was the destination of both my very first weekend trip here and now my very last a well. There are actually heaps of things to do down there, way more than I did during those two weekends. Oh, and an insider advise: in case you ever are in need of a hostel in Dunedin, check out Hogwartz! This is not a drill. It is an actual place you can stay at. In fact, it’s the cheapest hostel in Dunedin as far as I know and it’s only a 10 minute walk from the Octagon (=heart of Dunedin). The dorm rooms are huge compared to other rooms I’ve stayed in, the owners are very nice, they have a really cozy *common room* and they tried to make you feel the Hogwarts vibes, as far as it’s possible with a low budget x)

Baldwin Street

The world’s steepest street! Trust me, they are not kidding. It’s a pain walking up there! Those who have to deliver the mail to the houses along the road every day are the real MVPs. They have to go up there by bike! I can’t even.


Tunnel Beach

The 1673th beach I’ve been to, here in NZ. Yet, I never get tired of them. Tunnel beach is located approximately 9km southwest of Dunedin’s city centre. It’s major feature is -drum roll- a tunnel that’s been carved into one of the cliffs there, probably by the waves crashing into it. It is a rather small beach with a large area that’s covered with stones and rocks. The coolest thing is that since the walk to the beach ends on top of a cliff, you have to descend through a man made tunnel with a stairway to get to the actual beach. Pretty cool!


Cadbury Museum

Cadbury – a very magical word that puts everyone who has ever been to New Zealand (or Aussie for that matter) in an instant euphoria just by saying it. Cadbury is a whole empire of heavenly delicious chocolate of all sorts. You can get everything from kiwi favourites such as pineapple lumps and jaffas all the way to your classic milk chocolate bars with black forest/apple crumble (my favourite)/double decker/…. flavour. If you ever happen to find yourself in a shop selling Cadbury chocolate – go for it. It’s not as good as German chocolate (sorry, but we really do produce the world’s best chocolate) but in my opinion it does deserve a solid second place. Anyways, there is a chocolate factory and museum in Dunedin. Unfortunately, the factory will shut down by the end of the year but I was told they will continue to do the tours. When you get to the museum, they offer two different tours: one for $22 and one for like $5 or something. The first time around we went for the cheap one, but I must admit I was quite disappointment. The cheap “tour” is self guided and you literally only walk through like 5 rooms that briefly explain the history of Cadbury and how Chocolate is made. On the bright side though you do get a goodie bag filled with chocolates. But you might as well just go to the Cadbury shop and buy $5 worth of chocolates you actually like. I didn’t plan on going back but then I heard that a friend of mine set a record by drinking 5 cups of liquid chocolate there so I felt like I had to accept the challenge. So we went there again but tbh it didn’t really knock me off my socks either. Essentially, it was one hour of walking through the factory building without actually going where the magic happens (I mean, it’s probably hygienic reasons or something, it just made it sort of boring though). The highlight was the chocolate fountain. Yes, you heard that right. You can get a cup and fill it up with white chocolate, dark chocolate and milk chocolate and then put your choice of sprinkles on top. Free refills! Unfortunately, there’s a time limit. So when we had to leave after 10 minutes I only managed to drink 3 of those cups. 😦 Anyways, in the end it comes down to whether or not you a willing to spent $22 on a chocolate fountain or not. If you’re a normal human being and love chocolate, then it’s worth it. However, if you don’t visit the museum the chocolate shop and the Cadbury café are definitely worth going to.

Dunedin Railway Station

P1210288The second most photographed building in the Southern hemisphere, only surpassed by Sydney’s opera house! It is a really nice building. In fact, there are quite a few buildings throughout Dunedin build in that same style, mainly churches. It’s not that common for city in New Zealand to have such great examples of architecture one actually enjoys to look at (no offense).

Well, now I totally overwhelmed you with heaps of information that are of absolutely no use to you unless you are actually planning to go to those places. You’re welcome.

C ya later, alligator x)

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