Finding my place

Hello everyone,

After only having heard from me via pictures of my weekend trips I thought I grand you the pleasure of an actual, detailed report of how everything’s going, here on the other side of the world (extremely generous, right?).

So, how have I been? How am I enjoying work? What even is my “work”? How’s the family? Am I homesick yet? I’ve been asked those questions so many times over the past couple weeks, so I really owe you all a proper answer.

After my late start due to *complications*, I was directly thrown into the working life the day I arrived in Timaru. The four kids have taken me in really well and luckily they mostly spared me with the whole “testing and questioning your authority” part. So, one of my pre-going-abroad fears turned out to be nonsense . The other thing I dreaded was the driving. I can’t exactly say that I enjoy driving in Germany much. And I knew driving is a major part of my job here. Plus, kiwis are driving on the left side. WHAT??!! So, when I was sent to my drivers lessons only 24 hours after arriving, one could say I was pretty damn nervous. Turns out there’s absolutely no reason: the traffic here is manageable, if you can even call it “traffic”. The roads are very wide and mostly going straight and there’s always an amazing scenery to drive through. Besides, I’m driving automatic cars only. Makes it so much easier.


Actual footage of a New Zealand traffic jam

So, how does a week in my working life look like? Well, I have the kids Monday – Friday from 7.30 am to 5.30 pm. On Tuesdays and Thursdays I’m only working in the mornings to drop the kids off at school and kindergarten and then I’m off until I pick them up again in the afternoon. Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays I have the two little ones all day; the older ones join us when they come home from school in the afternoon. In the mornings we’re usually always having something to do: swimming, music, meeting with other au pairs and their kids, …. In the afternoon however, I’m their entertainment (yay.) The tricky part? Entertaining + looking after the kids + doing the laundry for 4 + cleaning up the mess you made throughout the day. Tell me about multitasking. But it’s good not bad work. The kids and I get along really well and my host parents are nice. I have nothing to complain about, on the contrary. I really like it here in New Zealand. It’s such a beautiful country and the people are awesome. The only thing I really lack here is time. The days are packed; I work my hours and sometimes go to the gym afterwards, watch tv, go to bed, get up, work my hours, always living for the weekend…. Then it’s finally Friday, Saturday, Sunday, and everything starts allover again. It’s insane!

Also, it’s starting to get warmer. There were some days with temperatures high enough to just wear a t shirt outside (and then again, some where you just want to snuggle up in front of the fireplace). Spring is coming!

So, there you go.

C ya later, alligator.

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