The Windy City

  1. Goverrnment buildings

    A few pictures from my unplanned trip to Wellington. I was supposed to get to my host family on Friday. So I got on the plane in Auckland but as we were circling over Christchurch it was suuuper foggy. In fact, it was so  foggy the airplane turned back around and stopped in Wellington. Well. crap! What was even worse is that my host mom told me to get off in Wellington (which I did) but the airplane flew back to Auckland. With my luggage still aboard! So there I was, a stranded Au pair in Wellington. Since all the flights to Christchurch got cancelled that night, the queue to re-book flights was endlessly long. Luckily, I was able to pass my time by talking to other people, living through the same misery that I did. After waiting for over an hour the world had one more disappointment in store for me: the woman at the counter couldn’t book me a flight to Timaru! So exhausted as I was, I got in a Taxi and drove to my host mom’s sister’s house. There, we tried calling the airline hot line, which of course was an impossible act. Eventually I gave up and just went to bed, with the sound of the wind crashing against the house walls. A windy city indeed! We figured everything out on Saturday. Except for the luggage. I was stuck with the same outfit for the whole weekend. Uggh! I basically slept all Saturday long. On Sunday the weather was exceptionally good, so I went out to explore the city. It’s such a beautiful town! I went up to the Botanical Garden (unfortunately the cable car was out of order), walked through the city and went to the museum “Te Papa” (or something like that). I found a perfect end to a perfect day when I found a Taco truck on my way back. Too bad the Taco turned out to be disgusting 😦

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