The Windy City

A few pictures from my unplanned trip to Wellington. I was supposed to get to my host family on Friday. So I got on the plane in Auckland but as we were circling over Christchurch it was suuuper foggy. In fact, it was so  foggy the airplane turned back around and stopped in Wellington. Well. … Continue reading The Windy City


The Arrival

Die definitiv längste Reise meines Lebens (60 Stunden. 60! Ich wiederhole: 60!) - auf wundersame Weise habe ich sie überlebt und bin heil in Auckland angekommen.

And just like that it’s been down to 7 days.

It's getting serious! Read this post if you want to know more about how exactly it feels like when you are drowning in very mixed feelings ranging from utter excitement to doubts that hunt you in your dreams. Muahhaha