Matched Matched Baby!

You guys! Exciting news!

After my nerv-racking, very short-lasting (!!!) 2 weeks in the host family/au pair matching pool I’ve found the ketchup to my fries, the pillow to my blanket, the Netflix to my chill – I’ve found my host family!

(if you’re too lazy to read the whole post scroll down and read the last paragraph)

And naturally, it all was everything but how I expected it to be. When I applied for the au pair programme I told myself, you know, two kids would be nice. Maybe girls, 4 and 6, that would be perfect. Ha!

As you might know from my previous post I have talked to 3 host families. By the time I accepted my job offer last Tuesday it were 4!

  • Family A from Auckland was first and also the one I turned down first. Why, you may wonder? Well, they were all wonderful people and their kids were awfully cute. Here comes the ‘but’: They had four children, two of them not even being 2 years old. (Save that information for later!)
  • Family B, also from Auckland, was the one I had to turn down next. The family consists of a cool single mum and her two daughters (3 and 5). We skyped twice but I noticed, well, that the chemistry just wasn’t quite right. Turned out it was likewise.

So there were two other families.

  • Family C from Timaru on the east coast of the South Island lives on a farm, a few kilometers outside of town. Ooouh, I can hear the country life calling me again! The parents are wonderful and nice and super funny and when we skyped we got along wonderfully. Plus, the talk was not a bit awkward! (you must know I always hated the awkward moments of silence on the first Skype dates with the other families when no one really knew what to say) So, what about the kids? Here it comes: they have two daughters, 2 and 7 …. aaaand two sons, 3 and 8. Ouff!
  • And then there is family D who was basically everything I imagined: they live in Taupo and have two daughters, 4 and 6 years old and seem to be a really active and funny family.

What to do now?

It’s a fact that I definitely had to make a decision, rather sooner than later since both family C and D showed a lot of interest in me. And I liked them too, both of them! So which did I like better?

How the heck do I know! This was definitely one of the hardest decisions ever. Like, ever, ever. So what to do?

My mind said choose family D, this is what you wanted. My heart said choose family C because your weirdness matches with theirs, LOL, just kidding!

But really, rationally I tended to family D. But you know, twelve months is a long time. And New Zealand is far away from home. So I went to bed Monday night and could barely sleep because my mind was spinning around that big choice to make. I had to think about the Skype dates with family C a lot. Talking to them felt casual and very comfortable, as if we had known each other for a long time already. And the kids are a-d-o-r-a-b-l-e! Like, seriously, they don’t just look cute, they are cute. While it’s always difficult to smalltalk with a child via Skype, I somehow managed it with them.

Long story short, I think when making a decision like this you should totally go with your guts. And I just really felt connected to family C and their farm and the exceptional country life on New Zealand’s South Island. It just feels right.

So I chose my wonderful South Island family with four (oh, the irony!) insanely sweet children and their giant farm. Will I regret it? I highly doubt it. I’ll probably be haunted by ‘What, if..?’ questions from time to time but that’s just the price one has to pay for having a choice. I’m happy with my decision and I’ll see what the future has in store for me but I’m positive my year in New Zealand will be exceptionally wonderful.

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